All Things Local welcomes college students

atlfrontAmherst’s own downtown cooperative market (and experiment in social justice) welcomes college students to stop by and participate in a real world form of “small d” democracy.  Easy to find at 104 North Pleasant St. (across from Barts Ice Cream).

Oh yes…. they also have some really good food!  Like fresh vegetables and fruit from local farms!

atlfoodAnd a really good cup of 75 cent freshly brewed coffee from the Pierce Brothers (with local milk and local honey if you like)!

atlcoffeeAnd local, natural skin care products too!

atlfaceDid I mention the locally made Kombucha?  They also have local beers, wines and hard cider!

atldrinkOn hot late summer afternoons, you MUST try the locally made ice cream sandwich!

atlsnowDid I mention the locally made cookies?

atlcookeAnd if you need gifts for friends and family, they also have local crafts!

atlcraftsIf you made it this far in this post, you may be a fan!  For more pictures, check them out on Instagram at:

Finally, they LOVE to have college student volunteers.  To sign up, fill out the form here:



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