Please follow the “best little year-round farmers’ market” in downtown Amherst

Join us on

Join us on “the patio” from 2:00-6:00pm on Wednesday afternoons to meet your friends!

A little over a year ago, a small group of your neighbors opened a creative new venture designed to provide an outlet for small local farms and start-up crafters right here in downtown Amherst.  New producers don’t have many opportunities to sell small quantities of what they make and grow.  ATL gives them the chance to get a start!

But they need us!

All Things Local Cooperative Market is an experiment in localization, where neighbors support neighbors and a strong sense of community can grow.   Local farms and crafters provide us with the quality products that we love….. and we support those vendors by shopping at the local market.

Please stop by your local market!

And please help share the good news with your friends by “following us” on Facebook and Instagram.  Here are the links:

All Things Local Facebook (please become a friend)

All Things Local Instagram (please follow us)

Please follow us on Instagram!

Please follow us on Instagram!

Thanks for your support!


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