Opportunities to sell to institutions


Farmers, please take a look at this important update:

“We were unable to source enough product to meet institutional demand in 2011. Even without harsh weather, we don’t believe that there would have been enough fresh produce available to satisfy the needs of the schools, colleges, and hospitals with whom we work.

During the 2011-2011 school year, 217 school districts and 81 colleges and private schools in Massachusetts preferentially purchased local foods. This translated to $1.32 million in gross farm income for the 42 farms we surveyed.

We have every reason to believe that the demand from schools, hospitals, colleges and other institutions will continue to grow and will continue to be profitable for Massachusetts farmers.

At the Mass. Farm to School Project, we offer free technical assistance to farmers interested in exploring and expanding profitable institutional sales. We would be delighted to talk with you about the possibilities of growing for this expanding market and to share information with you about the most popular products, successful sales models that farms have created around the state, and customers who have expressed significant interest.

Contact us at 413-253-3844 or by writing info@massfarmtoschool.org. We’d love to talk with you.”


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